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Wellcome to the 11th International Scientific Conference Manufacturing Systems Today and Tomorrow 2019

Technology development, product innovation and manufacturing and service processes innovation brings changes and new requirements on the company. There is, in Central Europe a growing requirement for human resources, especially for technical and expertly qualified workers. There is growing demand not only on R&D employees and managers, but also on labours in the innovated production.
Despite the new technology, we are unable to meet the growing demand for flexible manufacturing resources. Still the most flexible production system element is a Human.
Instead of the traditional system of selecting suitable candidates for the employees according to the requirements of companies, there is a new system, in which the selection of suitable employers is based on the requirements of a particular person at the labour market.
Not only the lack of capacity at the labour market is compensated by companies by introducing new technologies that are politically and marketing included under Industry 4.0.
This includes not only the collaborative automation and robotics, as well as other topics of upcoming posts this conference: SMART education, SMART tools for HR, temporary employment, employment of tools for specific groups and so on.
The main topic of the 11th annual conference is "The use of the human capital" = Use of human resources - human flexibility, knowledge and skill